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Drawing on feedback from Peat, Minnaar and Bryceland


v10 k v10 blue

When the time came to examine whether to give the V10 27.5-inch wheels, Santa Cruz turned to the Syndicate, who rode the prototypes, gave them feedback, and ultimately raced the bike on the World Cup circuit. By the time the season was over, the new bike had garnered the 2014 World Cup title, and a World Champs medal. Those accolades speak for themselves, but they were eager to improve.

Drawing on feedback from Peat, Minnaar and Bryceland on their personal settings, the 6th generation of our flagship model now offers 216mm / 8.5” of travel in two adjustable geometry positions:
High: 64° headtube angle / 360mm bottom bracket height.
Low: 63.5° headtube angle / 353mm bottom bracket height.

The shock rate has been tuned to be more linear and deliver  consistent damping throughout the travel. Carbon lay-up analysis and frame shape optimisation allowed for more efficient use of material, and the savings were then reinvested into other areas to ensure the bike withstands Ratboy’s huge flat landings.  The front triangle and swingarm sport larger-diameter sections, offering positive effect on strength and stiffness. The new frame benefits from a slightly longer reach to suit evolving rider preferences.  However, the Syndicate athletes felt they always struck a good balance with chainstay length, so Santa Cruz focused on maintaining this dimension when accommodating larger wheels.

By using a slightly-less-expensive carbon fiber, Santa Cruz were able to put performance within reach of more riders than ever before, lifting the race pace of World Cup athletes and privateers alike. The stiffness, durability, and strength are identical between the two materials, but the C-level carbon weighs in at about 370 grams more than the top-end, CC carbon.

The CC-level carbon frame is every bit as stiff and strong as the C-level frame, but weighs about 280 grams less, due to the use of some lighter, stronger, and more expensive carbon fibre. Using this material in key places allowed Santa Cruz to use less material overall, which is what shaves nearly a pound from the frame.


V10 CC (Carbon C)  RockShox Vivid Air – $5790

V10 CC (Carbon C)  FOX DHX2 Factory – $6250

Complete bikes:

V10 C Fleet DH kit with FOX Van RC / RockShox Boxxer RC build – $7990

V10 C S DH kit with FOX DHX2 Performance / FOX 40 Performance Elite build – $8990

V10 CC (Carbon C)  X01 with RockShox Vivid Air RC2 / FOX 40 Float RC2 203 build – $12500

V10 CC (Carbon C)  X01 with FOX DHX2 Factory / FOX 40 Float RC2 203 build – $12900

Enve Upgrade:

Available on any model at XT level or above: + $2750

Pricing current at time of publication. Please give us a call or email to check current pricing and availability. Or better still, call in to the shop to see for yourself!