Where the workshop is the shop!

Jono Church

Jono grew up riding bikes and first went mountain biking in about 1996 on Christchurch’s bottle lake trails. Then in 2001, while in high school he got a new hardtail (because his parents wouldn’t let him have a BMX) and started heading out into the Port Hills with his mates to discover more riding and fulfil his love for exploring. He quickly found downhilling and would spend most weekends shuttling Christchurch’s unforgiving rocky Vic park trails, as well as racing all through the summer around the south island. Always keen to keep things fresh and take on a challenge Jono loves doing almost anything on two wheels cross country racing, dirt jumping, trials, touring, BMX and even cyclocross – but big jumps and steep technical tracks are Jono’s favourite things to ride these days.

Because he was riding bikes the way a teenager normally does, Jono learned early on that he would need to be able to fix things himself if his bikes were to keep working! Always curious to see how things work, he taught himself how to work on his own bike and got a bike shop job after school at 16. Aside from doing 1 year of BEng Jono has been a full time mechanic since he was 18 working in Christchurch shops until 2009, then at Wide Open Distributors running their suspension service and wheel building department for 5 years. In 2013 Jono completed a Frame Building course (Chromoly Brazing/Tig) at the United Bike Institute (USA) and has built both road and dirt jump bikes since. He hopes to keep developing his frame building skills as a hobby in the future, but being keen to get back into the retail side of things he joined Bike Culture in 2014.

Jono is noted as being the quieter of the 3 mechanics but that’s because he’s always thinking about the physics of bikes and suspension, and loves to learn new ways to make bikes better.

Favourite riding
In Rotorua: Kataore
In New Zealand: Kaimanawa
In the world: New Zealand!


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