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Andreani Fork Piston Kits

Suspension these days is pretty damn good but sometimes things can be made just that little bit better. Andreani have been working with suspension legends Ohlins to make aftermarket high-flow piston upgrades for all late model Fox and Rockshox forks. High flow means the fork is free to soak up those high speed bumps like tree roots and braking bumps meaning better grip, more stability and reduces sore hands.

Take a look at what goes in to unlocking even more performance from one of our Rockshox Pike’s

We remove the damper cartridge and disassemble it to access the compression & rebound assemblies


Charger damper broken down in to assemblies, the main rebound piston is in red, compression in blue

The main rebound piston and valving is removed. This is the one that has to pump a lot of oil through it’s ports so the new piston allows it to do that with minimal restriction!


Stock piston in red, upgraded high flow piston on the left

The upgraded piston is then installed along with a new valve stack


Main piston with new rebound valve stack installed

Included in the kit is 2 compression shim stacks, a “soft” for general trail riding where grip and comfort is priority and a “firm” setting for racing and more support


Stock compression shim stack on top, customised compression stack on the bottom

The cartridge is then reassembled and bled with Adreani’s own special oil


Cartridge bleed with high performance oil

Back on the bike and ready to go!


Upgrade complete

Kits are available to fit all Rockshox Charger dampers, Fox CTD and Rc2 forks pre-2015. Pricing is $340 fitted on top of a regular service, so give us a ring about ugrading your fork!



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