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Santa Cruz Builds Lower Priced Carbon Frames

2015-Santa-Cruz-Bronson-Carbon-RSanta Cruz Bicycles has heard the cry and went back to the drawing board to create lower priced carbon fiber frames on three of their most popular models.

“We’re well aware that bikes have been going up in price the last few years,” says Joe Graney, who headed-up the project at Santa Cruz. “So we made it a priority to get the radness of our carbon technology to “trickle down” within reach of more riders.”

For 2015, the Bronson, 5010 and Tallboy will be available with two different frames. The original frames become the premium, retaining the best carbon fibers in their layup and staying as light as possible. The new ones, which will be available in “R” and “S” builds, use a lower grade carbon to bring the cost down.

“Working with our exclusive manufacturing partner, we used the same proprietary processes to create lower cost carbon frames that retained the same legendary strength and stiffness Santa Cruz are known for,” Graney said. “We achieved this by using a different grade of carbon material that results in a minimal weight gain of approximately 250-280 grams (0.6 lbs)!”

The new frames will simply be called Carbon (ex. Bronson Carbon) and the premium frames will get the Carbon C designation.


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