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Annikas 3D MultiSport Festival Report

05 June 2012

3 D Rotorua

what a fantastic event!
it was extremely well organised, with stunning & challenging courses and a great atmosphere!
an event to put on the list if it’s not already on there!
i didn’t do the main event which is the premier multisport title race, but instead the Duathlon event of the 3D Rotorua Off-Road Winter Multisport Festival. i have not yet learnt how to paddle so had to opt for the mtb & run event. but nevertheless i has a fantastic time doing the event.
the great thing was that the duathletes lined up with the mountain bikers and so we got to do the mtb race as if we ‘only’ did that distance but instead we then kept going by foot to cover the next 12km, up some hurtful stairs and weaving through stunning redwoods walking trails.
i wasn’t really in race mode before the event or on the start line but fortunately i got into it as soon as the gun went off, i couldn’t just let the others ride away from me 😉
the field spread out pretty quickly so we had enough room to enjoy the riding. the race course started with a grassy climb along Tarawera road up to the water tank before heading into the main mountain bike trail network via Lynmore link. i had a great time racing a couple of other riders, we kept swapping positions due to being faster on the climbs or faster through the single trails which made for some good racing. we were pushing each other on throughout the course. i had no idea if they were doing the duathlon just like me or if their race finished at the transition zone, to be honest i really didn’t care i just wanted to win the battle that was going on right there and then and i would focus on the run when i got to it, plus i did not want to think about the run as i was not sure how the legs would cope with it after the ride. i was pretty happy to get to the transition zone first and completely forgot that i was meant to quickly change into my running shoes, instead i was taking my time … wasting quite a bit of time, oh well…
the run was a 2 lap course with a nice (painful) uphill section in the first part of the loop, my pace was a slow shuffle all the way up to the top and didn’t get any faster the second time up, despite my wishful thinking that the legs would warm into it. i was glad that i at least managed to stretch the legs a bit on the downhill and flatter sections so it felt more like a run again.
i had a great fun day out there and was pleased to finish as first women and 6 overall in the duathlon.
i would recommend the 3D Rotorua Festival to anyone no matter what event you would like to do and there are many!!! to choose from! PS: i went to check out the half marathon course on Monday and it was so much fun that i had to do it again today. this is a proper off road course through the bush and the redwoods on a mix of walking tracks, some wider and smooth and others tighter with roots to keep you on your toes, it will keep you honest and will be very rewarding to do. unlike other so called ‘off road’ running courses where you end up running on gravel roads for most of the course. so if you like running or walking off road and don’t want to mountain bike then the Half Marathon Run or Walk is certainly a very good option for you.

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