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Heres what “MountainBike Action” had to say about Easton Haven Carbon wheels.

Can we look you in the eye and honestly say the Haven Carbon wheels are actually worth their, gulp, $2300 price tag? Absolutely. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but driving a Bentley isn’t within everyone’s means either. It’s been some time since we’ve ridden a product that makes such a noticeable and immediate impact on a bike’s handling and performance. We do understand that for what these wheels cost, one could purchase an incredible 5-inch-travel trailbike. Or you could take any incredible 5-inch-travel trailbike and make it more incredible. Also, if you are tough on wheels, you’ve got two years to try to break these on the house.

Test results: Aside from their stunning appearance, the Haven Carbon wheels were easily mounted up with Specialized, Geax or Maxxis tubeless-ready tires. We ran the wheelset on the 6-inch-travel Specialized Stumpjumper Expert Evo, and the impact was immediate. We know the gear combinations we’re in at certain points of our cross-country test loops. The Haven Carbon wheels changed all that. From the first ride on the Haven Carbon hoops, we found ourselves upshifting and charging the toughest uphill sections with more momentum and acceleration. It took a couple of rides to get used to descending with the Haven Carbons beneath us, because they’re so light and snappy it takes less effort to change lines. But once you pick your route, the rigidity of the carbon rims help you hold your intended line and focus on the terrain ahead. The rear hub bearing tension is easily adjustable on the fly, so if it becomes loose when you’re out on the trail, you’ll be able to address the situation with minimal tinkering.

These guys gave them a 5 out of 5 star rating!!! We have to agree.

Price Quoted is in US$ our retail price is $2950



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