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Heres what our customers think of the new SantaCruz TRc

I know, there are a bunch of you skeptics that think I just rave about every new model of bike that I am riding…..but honestly, I don’t make this stuff up. Here is an email from a good customer (who we’ll call Matt from Taupo) of Bike Culture (have you checked out their new website yet…go on, click on the link). Anywho, Matt from Taupo just got his new Santa Cruz Blur TRc, and he sent Bike Culture and myself the email below. Matt from Taupo previously had a LTc and previously to that an alloy LT2. I have to admit with all the build up and accolades the TRc had been given (yourselves included) I was sceptical has to how (if any) real improvement there would be over the LTc, if fact I did wonder if I was really doing the right thing? Until I rode it……. Oh heck! The difference of “Day & Night” is not worthy of a phrase of comparison. The TRc is simply amazing. Finally I have a bike that I feel “grounded” to when riding, the suspension works better and for the first time “I” am actually jumping my bike in the air, I feel that confident (this is big for me). After a 3 hr ride my ave ride speed was 2km faster than on the LTc, true and I felt less fatigued, honestly crazy facts. Faults: ….. I am always changing gears “up”, the dam thing just rolls so well it increases speed and I am always clicking up to keep the cranks speed up, this is honestly a pain! I seriously put this down to the carbon rims, they do all the work for me (again, the rims are a must). Biggest impressions: Rolling Speed, Stable confidence, How incredible quiet it is? I can hear twigs breaking under my wheels “true”! Chain guide is again so quiet, it perfect. The brakes are also perfect XTR is way better than my old brakes. Most of the ride I was truly lost for words, there were so many advantages I was not expecting and couldn’t believe. I thought the change over from the LT2 to the LTc was big, but this is that much bigger than any bike I have changed too. Matt from Taupo Thank you Matt from Taupo.


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